• Drug Solid State Development

    MicroED Service For Crystal structure determination

MicroED enables rapid crystal structure determination in the absence of single crystals

XtalPi has developed a highly automated MicroED crystal structure analysis platform, which is capable of achieving high-precision crystal structure determination in as little as one day. This innovative platform eliminates the need for single crystal cultivation and only requires a small amount (several milligrams) of powder sample. To date, we have successfully completed crystal structure determination on over 100 small-molecule drugs.

It is equipped with cutting-edge instrumentation such as a ThermoFisher Scientific Glacios 200 kV Cryo-Transmission Electron Microscope, a Ceta-D camera, Falcon 4 Direct Detection Camera, and a Vitrobot Mark IV System for specimen preparation. Additionally, our solid state laboratory is equipped with the latest instrumentation for structure determination and characterization.

  • Crystal structure determination

  • Salt or cocrystal determination

  • Absolute configuration determination

  • Mixture structure analysis

  • Structural isomer determination

Testing Process
  • Powder Sample

  • Cryo Sample Preparation

  • Cryo-TEM test

  • Diffraction Data Collection

  • Structure Determination

Service Introduction

  • MicroED: Introduction

  • MicroED: Case study

  • Facilities and Instrumentation

    Our MicroED facility boasts state-of-the-art instrumentation such as a Glacios 200 kV cryo-TEM from ThermoFisher Scientific, a Ceta-D detector specifically designed for MicroED, and a Falcon 4 direct electron detector. Furthermore, our vitrobot enables rapid and precise sample preparation for cryo-EM experiments. With these advanced instruments, we are able to perform top-notch research and provide precise outcomes.

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