• XtalComplete® Automated Crystallization Workstation

  • Automated High-throughput Crystallization Experiment Process

    Automatic solid and liquid dispensing, filtration, stirring, heating, cooling, and detection with reaction monitoring to improve experimental efficiency, and achieve high-quality and efficient polymorph, salt, and cocrystal screening.

  • 100% Coverage for Conventional Solid State Screening Methods
    • Slow evaporation, slurry, rapid precipitation, cooling, vapor diffusion, etc.

  • Real-time Experimental Process Monitoring
    • AI-driven solubility determination

    • Intelligent decision-making to assign and execute follow-up experiments

    • Evaporation, vapor diffusion, cooling crystallization, and powder property monitoring during XRD detection process

    • Standardized ELN records for experimental reproducibility

  • Intelligent Processing of XRD Data
Automated Workflow

XtalPi is keenly aware that every research partner has unique needs and priorities, and is happy to create a customized solution to optimize your research program