We invite you to complete this quick questionnaire, which will help us tailor our services to your specific needs. Your input is valuable, and we truly appreciate your cooperation. Let's get started!
1. What do you want to know about your sample from our MicroED service? (Multiple choice)

Crystal structure

Absolute configuration

Salt/Co-crystal determination

Mixture determination


2. What is the molecular mass of your sample?

< 1000

> 1000

3. What is the purity of the target compound in your sample?

< 10%





4. What is the mass of the sample you could provide for the MicroED test?

< 5mg

5mg ~ 20mg

20 mg ~ 200 mg

> 200 mg

5. Considering the peak widths and the flatness of the baseline of the XRPD pattern, which of the following patterns is closest to the XRPD of your sample?


6. Is your sample in the form of dried powder?