• XmartChem® Intelligent Synthesis Workstation

  • High-throughput, Complete Reaction Workflow Workstation for Chemical Synthesis, Reaction Optimization, and LC Analysis.

    The XmartChem® workstation streamlines chemical synthesis and reaction optimization processes by seamlessly connecting solid and liquid dispensing, cooling and heating, stirring, dilution, filtration, and HPLC analysis. Customizable to support various reaction volumes, temperatures, mixing methods, and inert atmosphere conditions to significantly improve efficiency and reduce manpower. Automation and optimization processes powered by intelligent algorithms.

  • Standardization

    Standardized and reproducable experimental processes; reducing human error. Data traceability.

  • Data Traceability

    Full-process monitoring. Clean data generation, storage, and retrieval.

  • Customizable

    A glove box can be integrated as needed to provide anhydrous and oxygen-free operations.

  • Versatile

    Modular technology supports changing workflows and rapid expansion.

  • Efficient

    24/7 Operation.

  • Safety

    Reduced human exposure to hazardous operations.

Automated Workflow
Functional Modules

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