• Compound Library Synthesis

    High-throughput Chemical Synthesis Powered by Automation

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  • Synthetic

    Route Design
    • AI-assisted/human synthetic route design

    • Wide coverage of chemical space

  • Automated

    Discovery Chemistry
    • 200+ autonomous chemical synthesis workstations

  • Analysis and

    • LCMS/Prep-HPLC/NMR/other analytical instruments as required

    • High-throughput work-up and purification

    • trict QA/QC

  • Compound

    • Secure, flexible, and trackable compound management

    • Flexible cherry picking, reformatting and shipping

    • LCMS and/or NMR quality inspection before shipping

  • Human-machine collaboration offers efficient, reliable, and safe chemical synthesis.
    • 24/7 autonomous high-throughput reaction set-up and monitoring

    • One workstation can simultaneously perform a lot of reactions

    • Reproducibility delivered through automation

    • Generation of clean, machine readable reaction data

    • Reduction in human error

    • Automated reaction set-up and monitoring

    • No chemical exposure to human chemist

  • Case Study
    Project Scope

    Synthesize and purify 400 molecules through single-step library reactions in 4 weeks or less.

    Solution Provided by XtalPi

    Utilized a human-machine“co-botic” model consisting of : 1 chemist + 1 lab technician + automated chemical synthesis workstations.

    Experimental Results

    After the design of the experiments was completed by the chemist, a lot of library reactions were set-up utilizing the automated workstations in collaboration with the human technician.

XtalPi is keenly aware that every research partner has unique needs and priorities, and is happy to create a customized solution to optimize your research program