• XtalDynamics™ Laboratory Automation

    Building an Efficient and Intelligent R&D System

  • Intelligent Automated Laboratory Solutions
    Providing You with Diversified Laboratory Automation Solutions

    Since XtalPi began its independent research to develop automated laboratory solutions, the company has successfully applied. Since then, the company has successful-ly applied automation to the pharmaceutical, chemical engineering, and testing industries leading to a range of products including the XtalDynamics™ automation system, XmartChem® intelligent synthesis workstation, XtalComplete® automated crystallization workstation, ChemPlus® desktop solid dispenser, food residue detection full process automation system, drug quality control automation system, and functional material synthesis and characterization automation system. XtalPi can also provide customized automated solutions based upon the unique needs of the companies it partners with.

  • XtalDynamics ™ Automation System
      • XmartChem®Chemical Synthesis Workstatio
      • XtalComplete® Automated Crystallization Workstation
      • ChemPlus® Benchtop Solid Dispensing Workstation
    • Automated Drug Quality Control Cluster (under development)

      Fully automated workflow for precision weighing, pipetting, volume evaluation, centrifugation, filtration, and liquid chromatography analysis.

    • Automated Functional Materials Synthesis and Characterization Cluster (under development)

      Fully automated solution material preparation and analysis for users in the functional materials industry, enabling the integration and scheduling of a variety of synthesis, sample preparation, and analysis.

    • Automated Food Pesticide Residue Detection Cluster (under development)

      Fully automated system enabling sample weighing, mixing, extracting,centrifuging, pipetting, purifying, nitrogen blowing, and filtration. Detects pesticide residues in food, Chinese herbal medicines, tobacco, and more using the QuEChERS pretreatment method.

XtalPi is keenly aware that every research partner has unique needs and priorities, and is happy to create a customized solution to optimize your research program