Developability assessment in discovery is crucial and requires different combinations of tools
Affinity on-demand: hitting your desired affinity while maintaining crucial properties – now possible with our AI-centric workflow
Get to any affinity you want -- up or down from the parental molecule
Maintain/optimize developability/immunogenicity profiles
Fast turn-around
Proprietary AI model that can search an ultra-large mutant space in the 1025
High-accuracy affinity & developability prediction algorithms
High-throughput make & test system that gives quick feedback
Case 1
Improving the affinity of an undisplayable protein
Goal: affinity maturation for a modular protein that's not compatible with display systems

Optimized affinity by 13-fold with 2 mutants that contain 3-4 point mutations

2 rounds of design-make-test of 60 mutants to obtain 9 with >3-fold improved affinity
Case 2
Bi-directional affinity tuning of a lead antibody
Goal: tuning the affinity of a lead antibody both upwards and downwards to provide more options for bispecifics development

Our AI model generated 3 buckets of designed mutants with predicted affinities of:
1) significant increase (target: 10x),
2) mild increase (target: 3x) and
3) mild decrease (target: -3x) vs. WT

When expressed and tested, these mutants show affinities that correspond to their targeted ranges. (Shown on the right)

1 round of design-make-test of 96 mutants to arrive at a panel of highly optimized leads with KD that span 3 orders of magnitude and optimal developability profiles

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