Developability assessment in discovery is crucial and requires different combinations of tools
The importance of developability was brought to full light in a study of 137 clinical-stage & approved mAbs. 12 biophysical properties were found to correlate with clinical success. Approved mAbs have the lowest number of warning flags (left).
It makes the most economical sense to incorporate developability assessment early, preferably in the discovery stage (right). Meanwhile, the varying number of candidates throughout the discovery phase calls for a staged assessment paradigm, where different combinations of in silico or in vitro methods are needed to meet timeline and budget requirements.
XcelDev™ Plus: one-stop solution for developability assessment
XcelDev™ Plus offers you exclusive access to all the gold-standard in vitro assays and cutting-edge in silico models for developability assessment. Different combinations of tools are tailored to guide you through every step of the discovery process. All tests are performed in house to ensure fast turnaround and consistent results.
XcelDev™ assays are reliable and consistent, achieved through continuous calibration, optimization, and automation
Case Study
In a hybridoma campaign, 43 hits were identified through binding and functional screening. They were then recombinantly expressed and subject to a high-throughput assessment from XcelDev™ Plus. A total of 7 candidates were recommended because they met all the desired ranges.

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